Tuesday, October 3, 2006

CMA charity campaign

Thanks to Lina DiMatteo for letting us know about the The Society of Management Accountants of Canada [CMA] charity campaign from October through to December, 2006.

They will have various events in their office throughout the three months to raise money for Sleeping Children Around the World.

October (Fridays)
  • 13th Bake Sale
  • 20th Prize Raffle Draw
  • 27th Toony Toss
  • plus Jeans day every Friday

November (Fridays)
  • 3rd Pot Luck
  • 10th Silent Auction
  • 17th Bake Sale
  • 24th Baby Guessing Game

December (Fridays)
  • 1st Balloon Day (prizes)
  • 8th Bake Sale
  • 15th Raffle Draw

Monday, October 2, 2006

Sparky's Fundraiser: The results

Gary Spark in Winnipeg raised money for SCAW in an unusual way. In September, he sent an email to several of his friends asking for their support which we posted here.

Today we got a photo and an email with the results of his challenge:

Well I finally made it before the good weather ran out. On Sunday, September 24th I rode 106 km from my home in Winnipeg to Lockport which is 53 km north of Winnipeg and then back home. I left home at 7:30 AM and arrived back home at 6:00 PM. The trip out was relatively easy but on the return I was facing head winds of 35 km. Very tough.

I have eaten enough protein bars and drank enough Gatorade to last a lifetime. Also did a lot of stretching exercises along the route which seemed to help.

Three things kept me going when it seemed really tough:
  1. The thought of a cold, very cold Corona beer when I got home.
  2. Picturing the smiles on the kids we were going to help.
  3. The overwhelming support from everyone who pledged money.
What a great, great group of supporters. Everyone was extremely generous and we raised $675. WOW! Each and everyone of you should feel very proud.

The children's photos will take 4- 6 months but I will email them to everyone.

Please forward your pledge by cheque payable to me. I will forward the total to the charity.

Many thanks for your support, Gary