Monday, January 25, 2010

Owen Sound: Thirty-six bedkits this year

Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational Institute has supported Sleeping Children Around the World for four years raising money to fund bedkits. These bedkits are sent to children that live in poor conditions whose families have very little money to buy daily necessities and items that most people believe any child should have such as: colouring books, clothes, and mostly a bed to sleep in. The goal for this year's fundraiser was thirty to forty bedkits. We succeeded in raising enough funds for thirty-six.

The Grade Twelve World Issues class of Ms. Hornseth worked together to organize lunch hour activities to raise money by selling pizza and holding a bake sale. Both events were very successful and profitable for the charity initiative. Not only were these events held, but also jars were sent to each homeroom class for the collection of donations. The students of Ms. Hornseth's class took time to collect the jars every Thursday to roll the money that was raised. To make the fundraiser a fun and competitive event, the class that raised the most money was to receive a Dairy Queen ice cream cake donated by John Buchanan. It was won by Mr. Eaton's vocal class.

Though OSCVI is only one school, we raised $1,337. Nevertheless, if donations were collected worldwide in this manner, our generosity could greatly affect the lives of the desperate.

Thank you to all the staff and students who made this fundraiser possible and successful.
by Laura Kerr-Mervyn