Thursday, September 6, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: The Dryden Touch

Three Generations of Giving

SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD is a Canadian Charity that was registered in 1970 by Murray and Margaret Dryden. This exemplary organization is dedicated to the distribution of bedkits to needy children in third world countries. Murray began his work in India. His first distribution consisted of 50 bedkits. From this very humble beginning the Charity has grown to the point that it can now report that 888,350 bedkits have been distributed in 32 different third world countries.

Murray and Margaret were very clear on how their Charity would operate. There would be no administrative costs taken from a donation. Volunteers would pay all their own expenses. There would be no solicitation. Donors would give of their own free will. The message of the Charity would be spread by word of mouth. Traveling volunteers would share their stories when they returned to Canada. There would be no money diverted to cover any marketing expenses.

In the beginning, the Dryden’s paid all administrative costs. Currently, all administrative expenses are covered by the interest generated from a legacy fund established from the sale of properties that Murray owned in Caledon, Ontario. This has enabled the Charity to honour the pledge that 100% of every donation goes directly to the bedkit. This Charity has become an admired and respected organization. Recently the Toronto Star listed SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD as among the top five charities.

Since Murray’s death, his son David has been an inspirational leader within the Charity. He holds an Executive position and travels annually on distributions. He and his wife Sandra recently returned from the Philippines where they had the privilege of visiting with Dr. Juan Torres who is responsible for the Overseas Volunteers in his country and who knew Murray personally. In addition to the joy of delivering 5,000 bedkits, Dave also understands the warm friendships that have developed with the many partners in the countries served by SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD.

Murray’s grand daughter, Debbie, is passionate about Murray’s dream. Debbie also believes that it is every child’s right to have a safe and peaceful night’s sleep. She has just returned from Uganda where she and her husband Sieg shared in the distribution of 6,000 bedkits. Needy children in remote Ugandan villages received bedkits that included a mattress, blanket, a towel, bed sheets, t-shirt, shorts/skirt, sandals, a basin and a mosquito net.

For more information please contact Tamara Kaftalovich, Consultant, Maverick Public Relations Inc. @ 416-640-5525 ext/ 234.

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How much of your donation reaches a needy child?

Published in Qatalyst Magazine, September, 2007

Eileen Rademacher Paintings for Sleeping Children

There is a presentation of watercolour paintings by Eileen Rademacher
At the Faculty Club, University of Toronto,
41 Wilcocks Street,
Toronto, Ontario

Date: September 5 to 28, 2007
Time: Monday to Friday, 2 PM to 9 PM

Opening Reception on Thursday, September 6:
6 PM to 9 PM

A percentage of the profits will be donated to Sleeping Children Around the World.