Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jan Gayman helps SCAW

Submitted by Jan Gayman.
I wanted to share something that two friends of mine have been doing for the past four years. In 2010 after I shared my first experience of traveling with SCAW with my choir friends, Jan and Jill, they began a fundraising project. Jan is a quilter and decided to use up her left over fabric by making gift bags in different sizes. She sells them at choir practice and other venues and buys bed kits with the money raised. She has purchased over 20 to date. Jill helps her with the organization and also makes gift cards to sell with the bags. Here are two photos of this fundraising project.

Jan Hember selling gift bags she has sewn.
The proceeds go to the purchase of bedkits.

Jan Hember’s gift bags and Jill Evan’s gift cards for sale. Jan and Jill are members
of the Waterloo County Teachers’ Choir. They began this project after hearing about
a fellow choir member’s experiences as a SCAW traveling volunteer.